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Southern Circuit

Kitulo National Park

It is the first park in Tropical Africa, which is popular in its primary floristic significance. Kitulo National Park covers an area of 412.9 sq km situated between the Livingstone and uporot range in Southern Highlands of Tanzania, partly in Iringa and Mbeya regions. Also Known locally as Bustani ya Mungu (God’s garden). Much of …

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Ruaha National Park

The Park is located Central Tanzania, 128km (80 miles) west of Iringa. Its size is 10,300 sq km (3,980 sq miles), Tanzania’s 2nd biggest park. Ruaha National Park was recently expanded to become the largest national park in Africa the park situated in the Centre of the Country just west of the Iringa highland. It …

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Mikumi National Park

The Park is located 283 km (175 miles) west of Dar es Salaam, north of Selous, and en route to Ruaha, Udzungwa and (for the intrepid) Katavi. Its size is 3,230 sq km (1,250 sq miles), the fourth-largest park in Tanzania, and part of a much larger ecosystem centered on the uniquely vast Selous Game …

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Saadani National Park

The Park is located on the north coast, roughly 100km (60 miles) northwest of Dar es Salaam as the crow flies, and a similar distance southwest of the port of Tanga. Its size is 1,100 sq km (430 sq miles)Saadan can be reached by charter flights from Zanzibar or Dar es Salaam with possibility of …

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Udzungwa Mountains National Park

The Udzungwa Mountain National Park is a slice of the Udzungwa Arc Mountains in short the Udzungwa is part of a broken chain of mountains called the Eastern Arc Mountains that lie close to the coast of East Africa from southern Kenya to southern Tanzania, the Usambaras, the Pares and the Ulugurus are some of this chain. Udzungwa …

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Selous Game Reserve

Selous is the Africa’s largest game reserve covers more than 5% of Tanzania total area, and is three times bigger than Serengeti. Due to its unique ecosystem it was recognized internationally and the area designated a World Heritage Site by the United Nations. Brief description: The reserve covers a total area of 54,600 km² (21,081 square …

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