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Western Circuit

Kilwa Kisiwani Historical Site

Kilwa Kisiwani was once the most famous trading post in East Africa. In 9th century the Swahili wealth owner of the island sold it to a trader called Ali bin Al-Hasan, the founder of Shiraz Dynasty. From 11th Century to early 15th Ali bin Al-Hasan managed to create a powerful city (Kilwa Kisiwani) and as …

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A small town but rich in Culture and history. Bagamoyo is located 75 Km north of Dar-es-salaam; the town was born out of Kaole town. The is one of the most important trading Center on the East Africa Coast during the 18 th Century and 19 th Century, with un-spoilt beaches. Bagamoyo was the terminus for Caravans …

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Mahale National Park

The Mahale Mountains national park is in western Tanzania, Covering 1613 sq. km (about 623sq miles). The area is also known as Nkungu. Named after the park’s Massive Mountain. At 2460 meters (8,069 ft) it is the highest of the six prominent points that make up the mountain range which runs down the Mahale promontory, …

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Katavi National Park

The Katavi National Park is one of the up coming tourist attractions in Tanzania, located southwest Tanzania east of Lake Tanganyika. Katavi covers a total area of 4471 sq km (1727 sq miles). The headquarters at Sitalike lie 40 km (25 miles) south of Mpanda town. It’s Tanzania’s third largest park, it lies in the …

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