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Ol’doinyo Lengai is 2878 meter (9650 ft). The holy Mountain of God as it is considered by Maasai. It is the most difficult mountain to climb in the area which has the cone shaped and this is the only active volcano in the world that erupts a rock called carbonatite. It is located in the Rift valley in the heart of Maasai land and locally regarded as the mountain of God.

Lengai means God and Ol’doinyo means Mountain in Maasai language. Looking northwards from its summit, cooler the hot barren salt flats of Lake Natron stretch into the distance, beyond lies the Kenya border, The day temperatures by the Lake often exceed 40 centigrade (100 F), few animals survive here and only Flamingo makes the Lake its home, nesting on the salty surface on upraised mounds where slightly cooler air stops its eggs.

Also from the summit one can view Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru eastward, and forested escapements and hills comprising the western slopes of the Great African Rift Valley. To the south stretch the famous Ngorongoro crater highlands, Ngorongoro being one of the Primetime Park in Africa.

A shallow crater filled with recently solidified lava that has oozed like molten chocolate, with cracks and fumaroles enjecting blasts of searching hot sulfurous stops into the air. Usually a blast from deep within the mountain shook the ground and you can see smoke comes out of fumaroles. The lava temperature of 700 degree centigrade. An early start in middle of the night is recommended and the best approach is from the west where the morning sun can be avoided for a while.

Best time for trekking: Available all year round, but probably want to avoid the shot rains in November and December, and certainly long rains from March thru May Duration: 6 days / 5 nights: A truly spectacular trip for those waiting a combination safari of stunning views, great game viewing as well as physical challenge.

Climate: The coolest month are from June–October (10-20 ctgd), the warmest from December–March (27-29 ctgd) Convenient centre: Arusha Nearest Airport: K.I.A-Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) Volcano status: Active Mountaineering gear: Available for hire

Included: A chief guide leader, trained Maasai guide, armed ranger, all walks, one bottle of water p/p day, game drives and all park entry fees
How to book: Ngorongoro Expedition and Tours. Arusha-Tanzania.

Oldupai Gorge: Located within the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, it is 180 km from Arusha. Humans have been Part of Ngorongoro landscape for millions of years. The earliest signs of mankind in the conservation area are at La-etoli, where hominid footprints have been preserved in volcanic rock for the past 3,600,000 years. The story continues at oldupai (Oldupai) Gorge, a river Canyon cut 100mts deep through the volcanic soil of the Serengeti Plains.