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The Park is located Central Tanzania, 128km (80 miles) west of Iringa. Its size is 10,300 sq km (3,980 sq miles), Tanzania’s 2nd biggest park.

Ruaha National Park was recently expanded to become the largest national park in Africa the park situated in the Centre of the Country just west of the Iringa highland. It covers an area of 10,300 sq Km (3980 sq miles) The Park derivate name from theGreat Ruaha River, which flows through the eastern section on the lowest level of the Great Rift Valley. Ruaha national Park is part of a much large ecosystem, which includes two further protected areas, the Rungwe and Kizigo Game Reserves.

Location: Ruaha National Park is located in central Tanzania just west of the Iringa highlands. From Iringa town is 128 Km (80 miles) west of Iringa.

Best time to visit: The best month to visit the park is from is from June-December for predators and large Mammals; The wet season January- May for bird watching, lush scenery and wildflowers, in this season March, April and May the long rains close off many of the tracks.

Birdlife: Over 465 bird species have been sighted in the park, some of which are not found in northern.

Wildlife: This vast wilderness is rich in wildlife and contains a wild variety that includes greater and lesser Kudu, roan and Sable antelope, huge herds of elephant, over 8000 resident elephants remain the largest population of any national park in E. Africa. Sly Kudu’s also there are Lion, Leopard, jackal, hyena, hippo, crocodiles and packs of wild dog-rare elsewhere.

Access: The Ruaha National Park lays 112 Kms from Iringa, and is accessible by roads up to 10 hours via Mikumi or Arusha via Dodoma. Access is to one of the airstrips close to the Park Headquarters at Msembe, Charter flights are from Dar-es-salaam, Mikumi, Iringa and Arusha.

To do: Day walking Safaris or hiking Safaris through untouched bush with a ranger and 4-wheel drive Safaris; Stone Age rains at Isimilia, near Iringa, 120Kms (about 75 miles) away.

Accommodation: Riverside Lodge 1 dry season tented Camp, self-catering bands, 2 campsites one is Mwagusi safari camp and Maonya Old River Ltd.