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A small town but rich in Culture and history. Bagamoyo is located 75 Km north of Dar-es-salaam; the town was born out of Kaole town. The is one of the most important trading Center on the East Africa Coast during the 18 th Century and 19 th Century, with un-spoilt beaches.

Bagamoyo was the terminus for Caravans of Ivory traders. Caravan porters named the town ‘Bwagamoyo’ Meaning “Throw off Melancholy” Later it became the terminus for thousands of slaves who gave a new name to the town “Bagamoyo” Meaning “Crush Down your heart” as it was the last stop before being transported to the slave market in the spice Island of Zanzibar.

The Oldest Post Office: The German Post Office building in Bagamoyo is the oldest Post office in East Africa, still stan ds firmly built 150 years ago. The ancient post office is situated along Kaizer street or India street view or King street. It was owned by a rich muslim Philanthropist by the name of Sewa Hji who donated his wealth and property for the general welfare of the people.This building was sold to Germany who converted it into a Post Office, just a walking distance from the Administrative Headquarters of the German.

The old post office building is no longer used for postal services but some of the rooms have been converted as rooms for Bagamoyo residents watching closely on the building walls, can see numbers for the postal boxes.