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The Mahale Mountains national park is in western Tanzania, Covering 1613 sq. km (about 623sq miles). The area is also known as Nkungu. Named after the park’s Massive Mountain. At 2460 meters (8,069 ft) it is the highest of the six prominent points that make up the mountain range which runs down the Mahale promontory, a long side Lake Tanganyika.

This park is home of the 1000 of Chimpanzees, baboons, Colobus and Monkeys. The Chimpanzee population may be observed in their natural habitat in groups of up to 30.

Location: The Mahale Mountains is Located Western Tanzania although no problem in the light rains of October -November.

Fish: They’re about 250 Unique Species of fish in Lake Tanganyika.

Wildlife: In Mahale Mountains National Park you will find elephants, leopards and buffaloes as well. The safaris are done exclusively on foot.

Access: Charter flight from Arusha, Dar-es-salaam and takes 2 hours, charter boat services from Kigoma, weekly steamer from Kigoma, 4-7 hours, then hire a local fishing boat or arrange with park H.Q, For pick up in park boat. Takes another 1-2 hours.

To do: Chimpanzee tracking (allow 2 days) to see then. This is not a 200 so there are no guarantees where, and when they’ll be each day hiking, Camping safaris, Snorkeling, fishing and drive to Ujiji, 6 Km south of Kigoma. That’s where the Journalist H. M. Stanley met DR. Living stone in 1871.

Note: Chimpanzee tracking in Mahale Mountain can be strenuous, therefore ensure physical fitness. Don’t bring jungle boots and rain jack etc, because the park is often wet. Your Chimpanzee tracking experience start at 8:00 or 9:00 a.m local time and occasionally lasts at list allow 2 days!

Accommodation: Two seasonal Luxury tented Camp, two small rest houses, large Campsite.